Kick-off Workshop on National Committee for Trade Facilitation

October 11, 2021


Phnom Penh

National Trade Facilitation Committees (NTFC) or National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF) are essential platforms for institutional coordination and stakeholders' consultation with balanced private and public sector participation. They enable the planning and implementation of successful trade facilitation (TF) reforms. NCTF has been identified as crucial instruments and drivers for successfully implementing trade facilitation reforms before the WTO TFA negotiations even started. TF reforms should not end once the provisions of the WTO TFA are in place. It is recommended that NCTF addresses the issues and aims to reach results beyond the WTO TFA implementation.

The interagency mechanism was established last year through the Sub-Decree 18 in February 2020, and it has been relatively recent and inactive. Thus far, there is no clear indication that the current mechanism has been functioned and operationalized, while relevant internal processes and regulation are under slow progress. Simultaneously, the central body just established in late 2020 enables non-customs authorities and stakeholders to participate in a structured dialogue on NCTF.

ARISE+ Cambodia has supported the NCTF secretariat by facilitating Cambodia participation in UNCTAD program, coordinating with other DPs to provide comments on the draft roadmap, and other ongoing supports technical experts on specific TF topics for future work of the committee and the secretariat.

Note: TBC event date due to Covid-19 situation in Cambodia.

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Kick-off Workshop on National Committee for Trade Facilitation

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