Workshop Series on Trade Negotiation: Preparing to Negotiate

November 23, 2020

Phnom Penh

To holistically and sustainably build trade negotiation capacity of Cambodia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), the ARISE Plus Cambodia is delivering a series of five capacity building workshops for government officials from relevant ministries who are involved in trade negotiations.

This second workshop will provide a small group of Cambodia's negotiators with experiential training in preparing trade negotiations over a period of three days. It will be followed by a third workshop in early 2021 on conducting negotiations.

The fourth workshop will be devoted to a 'deep-dive' into technical topics which arise during the earlier trainings. The fifth workshop will focus on sustainable capacity building on trade negotiations for the next generation of Cambodian trade negotiators. (There is also a sixth session in the series for the government and private sector, considering how Cambodian negotiators can best facilitate public consultations with the private sector and other key stakeholders.)

The workshop series is delivered by a team of master trainers, led by the Centre for Trade Policy and Law, a joint initiative of Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. See for more information on the lead trainers, Mr Phil Rourke and Ms Rosemina Nathoo.

Download the Event Report from the first workshop, on institutional arrangements, for more information.

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Workshop Series on Trade Negotiation: Preparing to Negotiate


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