SME Export Talk: Social Media For SMEs

April 8, 2021

Phnom Penh

One of the ARISE+ Cambodia project's objectives is to strengthen the private sector's trade involvement, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), supporting Cambodian SMEs to reap international trade benefits opportunities.

The aim is to improve the Cambodian private sector's integration into regional and global value chains and provide SMEs with better access to business information and well-functioning public-private dialogue mechanisms. In addition to the workstream on improved access to information and trade advocacy, the project assists individual SMEs (especially in rural and semi-urban areas) to realize their export potential through targeted technical support. Business associations and other intermediaries are cooperation partners and essential facilitators in this effort.

In this regards , a series of Trade Information Events "SME Export Talk" seeks to cover different exports topics. The "SME Export Talk" includes capacity building of SME export skills on the use of B2B platforms, social media, E-commerce, and other topics on export opportunities, particularly in the ASEAN Economic Community.

The first event series of trade information was focused on using social media to promote Cambodian SME exports. ARISE+ and EuroCham Cambodia together organized the event. Nowadays, social networks are essential for SMEs to reach new potential customers abroad, access the international market, increase sales performance, and provide customer service. Invited speakers shared their ideas and provided recommendations on how SMEs can better use social media to increase their exports.

Event Resources

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SME Export Talk: Social Media For SMEs


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