Trade Impact Assessments: Methodology and Strategy Workshop Day 3

November 23, 2020

Phnom Penh

In order to build the trade impact assessment capacity of Cambodia, Ministry of Commerce and ARISE Plus Cambodia is co-organizing a methodology and strategy workshop on trade impact assessments, with four specific objectives:

1.       To develop a common understanding among workshop participants about the current practice and challenges with trade impact assessments in Cambodia;    

2.      To introduce workshop participants to common practices/implementation of trade impact assessments, which encompass economic, social & human rights, and environmental impacts;

3.      To create a forum for relevant stakeholders to discuss and agree on a practical plan/model of trade impact assessments to be adopted by Cambodia, considering the current strengths and limitations of relevant line ministries and the socio-political situation of the country; and

4.      To discuss and agree on the next steps that need to be collectively undertaken to build trade impact assessment capacity of Cambodia.

Participants of the workshop will include government officials from relevant ministries of trade negotiations, private sector representatives, civil society stakeholders,and local think tanks who could potentially be the government’s partners in implementing future trade impact assessments.

The workshop will be facilitated and delivered by BKP Economic Advisors, an economic research and consulting firm based in Germany. For information on BKP, visit their website:

The workshop is organized into two blocks. Block 1 was a two-day in-person session on 3-4 November 2020, focusing on technical/methodological aspects (the methodology workshop) of trade impact assessments, while Block 2 will be a one-day online session on 23 November 2020 [updated due to Covid restrictions], dedicated to discussing Cambodia’s preferred way forward in terms of implementing TIAs and the corresponding support requirements (the strategy workshop). Workshop results will be used to formulate ARISE Plus Cambodia’s follow-on support on trade impact assessments for Cambodia.

Please contact Ms Molyaneth Heng at if you are not already in the Telegram group and would like to participate in the session.

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Trade Impact Assessments: Methodology and Strategy Workshop Day 3


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