ARISE+ Cambodia engages with the private sector, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and promotes their participation in the AEC’s single economic space.


What is the export
development strategy.

Export Development Strategies (EDS), including direct Technical Assistance (TA), support SME’s in starting, expanding, or diversifying Cambodian exports. ARISE+ works closely with 15 selected SMEs through the EDS. This EDS consists of tailor-made, specialized services made available to the selected SMEs through distinct professional service providers, for example, assisting them in obtaining international Quality Standard Certifications (IQSC) or using the latest IT-based export marketing tools.


How does ARISE+ select the companies?

The ARISE+ SME-Export component has chosen to provide TA to SMEs with sufficient capacity, experience, and a track record of successful exports in the past. These SMEs represent only a tiny
fragment of SMEs operating in Cambodia. Exporting Cambodian SMEs face fierce regional competition considering relatively higher production costs (e.g., energy costs) in Cambodia and are often left to only position themselves in niche markets. The SME-Export component prefers to strengthen these profiles of SMEs in their export strategy rather than heavily invest in uplifting poorly performing SMEs. The approach is based on individual coaching to achieve better export goals.


More about our selection process.

About the selection of SMEs

  • Only High Potential (no start-ups) SMEs are selected
  • The EDS is embedded in an already ongoing viable/sustainable business model
  • The EDS is owned and implemented by the selected SME

About Arise+ Support

  • ARISE+ supports only selected key services to accelerate the EDS
  • Substantial contributions to ARISE+ support services on part of SMEs (i.e., IQSC requires management/staff/workers resources, the transformation of production facilities, upgrading of technologies and skills and continuous annual re-auditing)
  • Principle of Subsidiarity, i.e., ARISE+ support closes critical gaps in the EDS

All the companies must comply with human rights, fair wages and no child labour.


Get to know our supported SMEs.


Bodia Apothecary

Bodia Apothecary is one of the few natural cosmetics producers operating in Cambodia. The company manufactures top-quality products, including facial creams, essential oils and soap. BODIA uses as much as possible raw materials sourced from within in Cambodia and interacts very strongly with local communities. ARISE+ supports BODIA in obtaining the certification ISO 22176 (Good manufacturing practices for cosmetics) to comply with the ASEAN directive on cosmetics, upgrading their website to gain more visibility and getting selected products tested by an internationally recognised lab testing.



CACC was established as a public company in 2017. CACC considers itself a pioneer in the Public-Private-Producer-Partnership (PPPP) concept. PPPP is an innovative trading platform for agriculture products and inputs, which provides direct access to markets for Agriculture Cooperatives (ACs).  Profits are fairly distributed among ACs by owning shares in CACC. Presently, CACC works together with 37 ACs nationwide and promotes trading/exports of 5 products.

ARISE+ will support this SME by obtaining HACCP International Quality Standard Certification; a Feasibility Study for Exports of Organic Cashews to Singapore and Creating a new company website.



CSL Enterprise is a Cambodian SME producing quality snacks made from local fruits and nuts. The company runs a small-scale processing plant with a 10 Tons/month production capacity in an outskirt area of Phnom Penh. ARISE+ TA to support the EDS through Laboratory testing of raw materials/final products to comply with US food-safety import regulations (HACCP), creating a new company website and Digital trade fair pitch and coaching.



Located in Kampong Speu province, Confirel produces an extensive range of premium products derived from natural ingredients, such as the sap of palm sugar and Kampot pepper. The company is committed to rural development and the improvement of farmers’ living conditions.ARISE Plus Cambodia has supported  Confirel in obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 and Fairtrade certifications, which will help the company meet the requirements of international buyers. As a result, the company recently shipped a container with 8 tons of Kampong Speu palm sugar to France. The company has the objective to certify more products, in particular Kampot Pepper.



IRM is a Cambodian SME producing six different types of quality vermicelli made from local rice flour. IRM was founded and registered at MOC in 2014. The company runs a medium-scale Vermicelli processing plant with a production capacity of 8 tons/day operating approximately 26 days/month in Kampong Chhnang. The project will support obtaining ISO 9001 and HACCP International Quality Standard Certification.



Kambio Nature was founded in 2014 in Siem Reap. They produce aromatherapy and wellness care products, high-quality cosmetics, essential oils, balms, soaps and hand sanitisers made of local organic ingredients. The production process involves sourcing, sorting, grading, drying, distilling and bottling. All these processes are done ecologically and sustainably.  Most of their products meet the requirements of European ECOCERT standards. ARISE+ TA to support the EDS in obtaining ISO 22716 International Quality Standard Certification, Re-Audit for Organic Certification (ECOCERT) and Digital Trade Fair Pitch and Coaching.


Khmer Green Charcoal (KGC)

The company was created in 2018 as an offshoot of an international NGO (Geres). Today, KGC is a registered Cambodian-owned private company. KGC uses biomass wastes, such as locally sourced coconut shells and charcoal residues, as raw materials. These are processed into high-quality eco-friendly char-briquettes, and their sales generate the business’ revenues. The business model is based on a well-organised supply chain, a technologically innovative and efficient production process and a practical, sustainable product- distribution system. Our support will be giving TA in obtaining ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Standard Certification, Procurement of small-scale product quality testing equipment and Digital Trade Fair Pitch and Coaching.


Khmer Organic Cooperative (KOC)

KOC is a producer, wholesaler, and retailer of organic food products. The company has been successful in the domestic market since increasingly Cambodian consumers are willing to purchase organic products and are aware of the negative impacts of chemical inputs in agriculture on human health. In this regard, KOC holds official organic certifications from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and EU. KOC aims to export sweet potatoes, dry mangos, and cashew nuts to Singapore, one of the most sophisticated and complicated markets to enter Asia. ARISE+ has therefore commissioned an international consultant to conduct a feasibility study.


Kirirom Food Production (KFP)

KFP is a Khmer-owned business based in Cambodia’s mango heartland, the Kirirom region. KFP produces tropical dried fruits, in particular mango. After obtaining business registration from MoC in 2013, a processing factory was built and started operation in October 2014. The KFP-factory is located near one of the Cambodian national parks in the Kampong Speu province.ARISE+ Cambodia will support KFP on Obtaining British Retailer International Quality Standard Certification, Digital trade fair training pitch and coaching and  IRCA training of executive staff


Man Wah Cam Star Plastic

Man Wah Cam Star Plastic, located in Svay Reing, specializes in recycling and up-cycles plastic waste (used bottles, bags, straps), also designated as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). The company produces high-quality soft polyester staple fiber (similar to cotton). This material fiber is used worldwide for multiple industrial purposes, i.g. cushions, winter coats, car seats. The project supports obtaining the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification, which will provide more opportunities for direct export to the EU/US from Cambodia and reduce the company’s dependency on existing buyers.


Sela Pepper

Is a Cambodian SME established in 2015, starting operations in 2016? The company’s

the core business is the production of black pepper, which involves farming, harvesting, drying, cleaning, packaging, distribution and sales. Sela Pepper’s main office is located in Phnom Penh and a pepper processing factory is operating in the heart of Cambodia’s pepper farming region in Memot. Sela Pepper is the first company in Cambodia to construct production premises with integrated pepper cleaning facilities and an in-house laboratory. The factory is capable to process 1.5 tons of pepper corn per hour.

Through the  EDS,  ARISE+ will support the company by obtaining ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Standard Certification; SEDEX certification as buyer’s compliance; Digital Trade Fair Training Pitch and Coaching and IRCA Training of Executive Staff


Senteurs d’Angkor

Senteurs d’Angkor is a Cambodian SME founded in 1999. It produces a diverse range of natural cosmetics, balms, scents used in aromatherapy, body care products, mosquito repellents. All products are natural and handmade in a workshop well integrated into the local community in the outskirts of Siem Reap. The company values cultural and natural heritage by promoting traditional local know-how and the use of local resources. Our project will support Senteurs d’Angkor obtaining ISO 22716 and HACCP International Quality Standard Certification and Digital Trade Fair Pitch and Coaching.



Smateria up-cycles waste materials, such as nylon nets, leather and plastic and develops them into high-end fashion products, such as bags, purses, belts and accessories. The production process is about ‘cut and sew’ and involves multiple operations to create the main fabric. For example, old fishing nets (damaged beyond repair) are hand-cut and pinned together in different layers. The project will support Smateria with developing and deploying IT-based digital product promotion tools.


Thaung Enterprise

Thaung enterprise produces natural salt. It was founded in 1986 as a family business to revive the traditional farming of sea salt. The production site is located in the centre of Kampot province, covering a total salt field size of 50 hectares. ARISE+ Cambodia will support Thaung in obtaining the ISO 9001 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certifications. The project will also help Thaung procure specialised technical equipment for testing sea salt.


WAT Chocolate

WAT Chocolate is a Cambodian SME that was created in early 2019. WAT produces a diverse range of dark chocolates in a particular artisanal “bean to bar” process and runs a small chocolate processing factory in Siem Reap.  For the first time in history, a high-quality chocolate brand is 100% made in Cambodia. ARISE+ TA to support EDS on obtaining HACCP International Quality Standard Certification, Procurement of small-scale product quality testing equipment and  Digital Trade Fair Training Pitch.