Consultative Workshop on “Women’s Economic Empowerment and Effective Cooperation at the Workplace”

Phnom Penh, 14th March 2023 – The Ministry of Commerce (MoC), in cooperation with ARISE Plus Cambodia and GIZ-ASEAN projects, fruitfully hosted the consultative workshop on “Women’s Economic Empowerment and Effective Cooperation at the Workplace”.

Under the leadership of Her Excellency Cham Nimul, Secretary of State of the MoC, the workshop brought together around 120 key stakeholders in gender empowerment-related implementors from relevant line ministries, Provincial Departments of Commerce​​ from different provinces, women empowerment associations, private sector and development partners to interactively discuss on various topics, including the challenges and impacts that women face, knowledge-sharing to overcome those challenges, as well as the policy measures and support programs for capacity building and enhancement of women’s economic empowerment and effective cooperation at the workplace.

This workshop is part of the training and workshop series delivered by the MoC, with the support of ARISE Plus Cambodia and other GIZ-ASEAN projects, to promote gender equality and inclusive economic growth, and to enhance women’s participation, contribution and access to economic resources and opportunities in their organizations and the society.

Speaking during the opening remark, Her Excellency Cham Nimul​ outlined the significant participation and contribution of women to the country’s economic development, the current improvement of women’s opportunities to practice their rights and improve knowledge and ability to potentially compete in the national and regional economic activities, as well as the better access of women to the benefits from the country development which lead to better living condition, and the reduction of poverty and vulnerability.

However, in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Her Excellency pointed out their negative impact on the people’s socio-economic welfare, especially women and vulnerable people​ and its eruption on the progress of solving various problem that women encountered. The problem of women’s digital illiteracy in this context of digital transformation and the challenges of doing unpaid care work at home, which is still the main burden for women in the family and society, were also highlighted. In this regard, women’s economic empowerment with the consideration of welfare promotion and more investment in women’s skills and knowledge is remaining the top priority for all relevant stakeholders to ensure women’s participation in economic activities with safety, security, dignity and happiness, she added.

During the penal discussion under the topic of “Expanding the Opportunities of Women in the Context of Economy and Trade in the Digital Era”, the participants got the opportunity to hear the insightful and informative discussion among the panelists from the MoC, Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA), Ministry of Industry Science Technology and Innovation (MISTI) and Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA). Various topics were discussed, including the opportunities for the development of women entrepreneurs in the context of economy and trade in the digital era, the measures and programs of relevant ministries/institutions in the promotion and development of women's entrepreneurship and how to break down barriers that hold women back from discriminatory old social norms to an unfair/bias share of responsibilities.

Following the interactive discussion, the workshop was concluded with the small group discussion among the participants on the challenges, impacts and suggested solutions for strengthening women's leadership in the workplace. The input, feedback and recommendations were well collected and will be brought for further discussion for solutions and better improvement to motivate and encourage women and gender equality in the workplace.

ARISE Plus Cambodia is delighted to work collaboratively with the MoC on such an important initiative. As mentioned by Mr. Till Ahnert, ARISE Plus Head of Project, during his welcome remark, one of the common goals and interests of the European Union, the German Government, the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the private sector is empowering women in economics and trade in different roles. We appreciate the cooperation and look forward to continuing our joint effort to promote gender mainstreaming, enhance gender equality and ultimately, contribute to advancing economies and sustainable development.


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Kamrang Ke

Advisor – Trade-related Coordination and Transparency




March 16, 2023


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