Final Audit of British Retail Consortium (BRC) at Kirirom Food Production

Kampong Speu province,20 September 2022 - After more than a year of preparation and support of a consultant assigned by the ARISE Plus Cambodia project, a final audit ofBritish Retail Consortium (BRC) – global standard for food safety – was successfully conducted at the Kirirom Food Production, a Khmer-owned business produces tropical dried fruits, in particular mango, papaya and pineapples.

The audit took place at the Factory located in Kompong Speu province from 13 – 16 September 2022 and was performed by a certificate body Société Généralede Surveillance (SGS), with following processes:

1. Opening meeting: The meeting is one of audit process to build up communication between auditor and auditee. It also provides a chance for auditees to clarify the audit process, plan, etc., if they are doubt.

2. Site tour for production process: the purposes of the tour are:

-  To assess the facility of the production process against BRC requirements. In this process, equipment, tools, staff movement, material movement, storing condition, pest control, cleaning and sanitation are evaluated to ensure that there is no cross contamination according to the real situation.

-  To interview with the person who work at the floor to ensure that they understand their task and to know how the prevent mistake happen during operation.

-  To link real practice compared with documentation of what company established.

3. Documentation of production process: the auditor reviewed the documentation that described production process as well as other activities that meet BRC requirements, including:

-  Food safety management system: production control process, food safety study, personal hygiene, legality related to quality and food safety,

-  Document related to control transportation process,

-  Storage conditions and site security related to food safety management system,

-  Control supplier or service provider to ensure that product is met food safety quality and legality requirements,

-  Document about management commitment from top management such as: food safety objective and quality management system

The auditor’s conclusion will be made based on objective evidence gathered during the 3.5 days of the final audit process and the audit report will be finalized and sent to the company within one week. Thereafter, the certificate will be provided within 12 – 18 weeks, as per certification rule and regulations. After auditing process, customers can trust company and help company to export foreign countries.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Heng DANG, SME Export Development – Senior Advisor



September 30, 2022


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